[Chicago] Three Bilnd Mice ChiPy job board Idea

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:20:32 CEST 2011

This is a serious anti-startup idea. Not that I am anti-startup;
however, my point being this will perhaps be the next ChiPy mentoring
project and should be not-for-profit. I am proposing the idea for that
purpose; however, may do it regardless. Looking for feedback. Does it
already exist (not that I care). Will it be best ever or at least
releve some of us from having to see public job postings all the time.

This is a job hunter/finder site that will act like a dating site for
jobs. There are three roles (hence three bind mice):

1) Worker Mouse.  This person goes to a form and fills out all the
pieces of information that would normally make up their resume.

2) Hunter Mouse. This person goes to a job posting form and fills it
out with a great level of detail.

3) Moderator Mouse. This is an experienced HR dude that goes through
the inputs from (1) and (2) and makes "marriages",  They do not see
contact information for either. Only once a marriage between the two
occurs, can one or the other follow a link to obtain contact
information only after filling out a form that will help evaluate the
candidate. If they do not thing they are a good candidate or a it is a
good job, there is a place to say why and that is send that in place
of an introduction.  This helps the blind system be more verbose.

I do not necessarily object to the moderator getting paid on doing
work; however, perhaps we should save that idea for a future "Pro"
version and build this first.

Right now, if you fit any one of these three profiles and you want to
be a lab mouse for the experiment, please contact me off the list.  If
your really looking for a job I may start to make live introductions
and also use your information discretely to simulate the introduction
process. In other words, send me your jobs and resumes (I may regret
saying that), but do it now so we can get the ball moving. I would
like at least 10 resumes and 10 jobs. Yes, we will be making marriages
manually until the system is built so we can learn from the process.
Let's call this a no-code beta :P

Also, we need some "hacker mice."  Those already involved with the
mentor program will get priority.  Nonetheless, there is plenty of
work to be done on a project like this.

Concerning Python, although we will of build in Python. I am thinking
this can serve the open source community as a whole. It would be
pretty fun to brand a site with it's own nerdy look and feel.

This is going to be great.  Can I get a +1


Brian Ray

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