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Ross Heflin heflin.rosst at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:23:36 CEST 2011

potential hacker mouse here... +1
On Sep 13, 2011 9:20 AM, "Brian Ray" <brianhray at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is a serious anti-startup idea. Not that I am anti-startup;
> however, my point being this will perhaps be the next ChiPy mentoring
> project and should be not-for-profit. I am proposing the idea for that
> purpose; however, may do it regardless. Looking for feedback. Does it
> already exist (not that I care). Will it be best ever or at least
> releve some of us from having to see public job postings all the time.
> This is a job hunter/finder site that will act like a dating site for
> jobs. There are three roles (hence three bind mice):
> 1) Worker Mouse. This person goes to a form and fills out all the
> pieces of information that would normally make up their resume.
> 2) Hunter Mouse. This person goes to a job posting form and fills it
> out with a great level of detail.
> 3) Moderator Mouse. This is an experienced HR dude that goes through
> the inputs from (1) and (2) and makes "marriages", They do not see
> contact information for either. Only once a marriage between the two
> occurs, can one or the other follow a link to obtain contact
> information only after filling out a form that will help evaluate the
> candidate. If they do not thing they are a good candidate or a it is a
> good job, there is a place to say why and that is send that in place
> of an introduction. This helps the blind system be more verbose.
> I do not necessarily object to the moderator getting paid on doing
> work; however, perhaps we should save that idea for a future "Pro"
> version and build this first.
> Right now, if you fit any one of these three profiles and you want to
> be a lab mouse for the experiment, please contact me off the list. If
> your really looking for a job I may start to make live introductions
> and also use your information discretely to simulate the introduction
> process. In other words, send me your jobs and resumes (I may regret
> saying that), but do it now so we can get the ball moving. I would
> like at least 10 resumes and 10 jobs. Yes, we will be making marriages
> manually until the system is built so we can learn from the process.
> Let's call this a no-code beta :P
> Also, we need some "hacker mice." Those already involved with the
> mentor program will get priority. Nonetheless, there is plenty of
> work to be done on a project like this.
> Concerning Python, although we will of build in Python. I am thinking
> this can serve the open source community as a whole. It would be
> pretty fun to brand a site with it's own nerdy look and feel.
> This is going to be great. Can I get a +1
> --
> Brian Ray
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