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The Operation Analysts need to support proprietary and 3rd-party software
applications, covers the entire stack of software  and consists of broad and
varied technologies. We are looking for a candidate with a combination of
technical expertise and development/support experience to fill a first and
second shift support role.


All members of the operations team are responsible for three primary duties:


1. Manage incidents, outages and systems

*	Provide 1st level support for all firmwide trading systems - triage
of problems, restoration of service, incident tracking, root cause analysis,
*	Proactively improve how issues are detected and remediated.
*	Work with development and engineering teams to identify problems and
push for long-term solutions.

2. Management of all changes to the production systems

*	Identify risks and provide guidance around timing of changes and
*	Execute software deployments and upgrades.

3. Build and enhance operational infrastructure

*	Create/enhance tools to make operational workflows more automated
and less error-prone.
*	Add to the monitoring infrastructure to allow more proactive
detection of problems and issues. 

In addition to performing all team duties listed above, team members are all
expected to be active participants in a strong, positive team-oriented


*	Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field required.
*	3-5 years of experience working in an operational/support role, with
experience developer/mainting a Python or Perl based Automation system.
*	Experience with Linux-based systems is required and Windows
experience is desired. 
*	Python and/or Perl experience is required. It is desired that
candidates have experience with multiple programming tools and languages.
*	Ability to think critically and to solve open-ended problems is
*	Excellent verbal and written communication skills required.



Best Regards,


Stacy Kropp



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