[Chicago] Looking for low-level coding job search advice

Benjamin Trofatter bentrofatter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 04:44:31 CEST 2012

Hi all,

My younger brother is a bit of a hermit, but has a bachelor's in CS and
another in physics and is an amazing C programmer and mathematician.  He's
finally realized that his dead end job is, well, dead end, but he's been
out of school for a few years and doesn't really know where to start.  He's
done extensive work in C and assembly, and has a serious talent for working
with embedded systems.  His typical idea of a fun Friday night is analyzing
the hex representation of the live memory of SNES emulators to track down
sprite movement routines, and he's actually written a few games that run on
the original Super Nintendo hardware from custom-hacked cartridges.  I know
we're a Python group, but we're also all coders, and I have no doubt that
people involved with ChiPy will either be really interested in this sort of
thing or know someone who is.  Does anyone have suggestions for my little

Thanks very much for any responses this might illicit,

Ben Trofatter
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