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@Jeffery...you get a big depends on that one. If what you are doing on the side is extremely cool. It has happened. Not often, the mantra in the past is that it is all well and good but the "real world" is different and would you be able to do that with 6 people with vuvuzelas pointed directly at and no more than 3 inches from your ears (OHSHA does not regulate vuvuzelas). Actually what I have in terms of real Python jobs are in fact Linux admins with Python and the req on how deep the Linux has eased a bit...(no longer requires depth in performance tuning). As a benchmark it's paying around 100k but...like all of these things there is a bit about CCNP tucked in there and they do test as part of the process and we know from experience that their test is a bit trippier than Brainbench.

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I must be working at the wrong companies. Free breakfast sounds like a pretty nice perk to me. Especially with what Starbucks is charging.

This has all been great info. I'm not currently looking, but I do occasionally I poke around and see what employers are looking for in a Python developer. I find that the specifics are what typically kill me. I'm not a FT programmer. All of my experience with Python is either from a System Administrator standpoint or on personal web projects.

My question is do employers care about personal versus professional experience considering the talent drought? I've been contemplating working on a few projects for friends, just so I have something to point to on my resume. I've heard mixed feedback from recruiters about referencing open source project contributions.


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I would like to apologize for the neckbeards. Breakfast is delicious!

Cezar Jenkins
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I'd like to have howtos to
point them to. like, how to make your company a place where people
want to work.

I'm not sure that most companies care what random non-employees think
about how they run their business.

For example: Last time I tried to post a job here, I got all kinds of
bullshit about how free breakfast isn't a real perk, and that we
should offer real perks like selling our 4 floors of office space and
instead do telecommuting. That response went straight in the garbage.
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