[Chicago] A sad day for our community. John Hunter: 1968-2012.

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Aug 30 19:15:25 CEST 2012

Brian wrote:

> I propose we hold a special ChiPy meeting next month in honor of
> John's contributions. I am sure most of us, regardless our industry,
> have touched matplotlib.  I also think it would be appropriate to
> start a collection. If you can not come, you can also donate here
> http://numfocus.org/johnhunter./

Sheila responded:

> I agree with idea emphatically.
> I emailed ita to see if they have space available. I know they can fit a
> lot of people.

I like the idea as well.

One thing to consider is that there will likely be a memorial service
here in Chicago for John during the month of September.   I'm sure
there will be some out-of-town Python folks in attendance.  Arguments
can be made for holding a special ChiPy meeting around that day and
for explicitly avoiding conflict.  In any case, it will be worth it to
at least know when that memorial service will be, so whichever way you
decide to do things (sync or avoid) you don't inadvertently do the
opposite (avoid or sync).


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