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Paul Wallenberg pwallenberg at lasallenetwork.com
Tue Feb 14 17:21:46 CET 2012

As a past sponsor of ChiPy, LaSalle Network is proud to be partnering with a company in the digital marketing and advertising industry who is hiring Python software engineers with varying levels of experience. This company's goal is to find and convert the right customers using their marketing applications and tools. 


Their development practice is part Ruby/part Python. They work with MVC frameworks like Rails and Django. They are looking to strengthen the Python presence in their team. The ideal software engineer has worked in an Agile environment, has a strong commitment to best practices and utilizes test-driven development.


The right software engineers will have the following:


* A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
* Experience with web-based software development using open source technologies
* Familiarity with building high-traffic websites and applications using Python
* Familiarity with Agile methodologies – particularly Scrum
* A preference for pragmatic engineering practices: object-oriented design, refactoring, DRY design, Yagni ethic, Mercurial or Git version control systems, continuous integration, pair programming and regular code reviews
* Experience with SQL-based RDBMS (PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server preferred) including writing efficient queries and executing them via programming language interfaces
* Familiarity with common web application concepts like HTTP, SSL, XML, content management concepts, public-key cryptography, application, data security and privacy issues
* Comfortability with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
* Experience producing and consuming web services i.e. SOAP, REST, XML-RPC
* Working with message-oriented systems
* A positive attitude and committed work ethic


This position is based in Evanston, IL. Their offices are easily accessible via public transportation. If you want to drive to work, there is quick access from Lakeshore Drive or I-94. Base compensation is based on earning history and experience. There are annual bonus incentives and great benefits in addition to the base salary.


If you are interested in this position and qualify per the requirements, please contact Paul Wallenberg directly at 312-924-3683 or by e-mail to pwallenberg at lasallenetwork.com.



Paul Wallenberg
Project Manager – Technology Services
LaSalle Network
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