[Chicago] Apache Cassandra and Python tech talk

Matt O'Keefe matt at mattokeefe.com
Sat Feb 25 01:39:18 CET 2012

Please consider joining us on 3/1 for this meetup. Hope to see you there!



Using Apache Cassandra from Python is easy to do. This talk will cover
setting up and using a local development instance of Cassandra from Python.
It will cover using the low level thrift interface, as well as using the
higher level pycassa library.


   - Very brief intro to Apache Cassandra
   - What is Apache Cassandra and where do I get it?
   - Using the Cassandra CLI to setup a keyspace (table) to hold our data
   - Installing the Cassandra thrift API module
   - Using Cassandra from the thrift API
   - Connecting
   - Writing
   - Reading
   - Batch operations
   - Installing the pycassa module
   - Using Cassandra from the pycassa module
   - Connecting
   - Reading
   - Writing
   - Batch operations
   - Indexing in Cassandra
   - Automatic vs Rolling your own
   - Using Composite Columns
   - Setting them up from the CLI
   - How to using them from pycassa
   - Lessons learned


*Speaker Profile*

Jeremiah Jordan is a Software Developer at Morningstar, Inc. His team
created an Operational Data Store using Python along with Apache Cassandra,
MySQL, Google Protocol Buffers, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, and Zookeeper (all being
used from Python).

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