[Chicago] contract or full-time help?

Jason Rexilius jrexilius at jumptrading.com
Mon Feb 27 18:28:47 CET 2012

Hey gang,

  I've got an open position on my team and some open slots for contract help as well.  I thought I'd ping the list with some of the things I'm looking for help with in case anyone is interested.  The environment is very cool, large infrastructure, extreme high-performance demands, lotsa hard problems to solve.  Fun.  And the pay is of course very good.  Much of the stuff I'm listing can be done in Python or language of choice.  The environment is not green-field but much of the system I'm building is (or is absorbing/replacing legacy components).

  Here is a smattering of what is on the plate:

1)      XMPP chat bot, minimal rule based NLP, interactivity and systemic action triggers.

2)      Asynchronous, large parallel remote execution.

3)      Django or other web and API interface development.

4)      Complex rule-based access control on arbitrary action sets.

5)      Firm-wide/infrastructure-wide action scheduling/management system

6)      Real-time infrastructure state awareness and provisioning

  Basically, it's building something like Amazon/Google/FB type infrastructure and software management system on-top of an existing large, globally distributed infrastructure.  Or rebuilding HostedLABs again for those that know me or remember my company from back in the day ;-)

   Choice of language or leveraging existing open-source solutions is largely up to the implementer and me but I'm strongly leaning towards Python for as much of it as possible.  The shop is C++ dominant with C, perl, python and PHP playing pick-up where needed.  Ruby is the only one without a lot of extant institutional experience.

   Feel free to ping me with any questions!


contact at jasonrexilius.com<mailto:contact at jasonrexilius.com>


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