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Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Jan 10 05:06:00 CET 2012

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Steve Schwarz <steve at agilitynerd.com> wrote:
> As an off site viewer who can never attend a downtown meeting I greatly
> appreciate the presentations and the videos. They are of high quality and
> well done.
> As far as $ value. I would put setting the amount in the hands of our
> benevolent leader Brian. Otherwise we should rely on the kindness of
> strangers, non-(semi) professional video recording would be fine with me.
> Someone offered to record with a consumer video cam and a tripod I would
> hope that would be sufficient and I would also hope Carl would offer his
> services to process/host the video afterward.

It is often more work for me to do that than when I do the whole thing
myself.   And given I suspect the audio will be pretty poor, I am not
motovated to do it.  plus I won't be around to get the raw files till
Jan 31/

Settling for armature video also means a pro won't do it, which in
some form of accounting is a loss - I think it falls under
"opportunity cost."

> I greatly appreciate his work
> in shooting the video and getting the videos edited and hosted (and thanks
> also to anyone else who is involved).
> The dilemma is if we start paying videographers, why not pay presenters?

Because we don't have to.  Unless we want to, like we want to fly in
Guido some day.

> organizers?... all require substantial preparation and effort and have
> typically been offered in the spirit of sharing with the local Python
> community. We are fortunate that the same people step up every month and
> their efforts are likely being taken for granted.

The are to distinct differences between video and the rest of those things:

1. real costs.  I have to buy/fix cameras, laptops, mics, etc.  I
don't have to buy anything for chipy, but every time I take it from
storage to chipy and back there is a chance of something breaking.  So
far a tripod latch and a laptop fire wire port have suffered.      I
am not sure I have used one of my projectors for chipy, but the bulbs
have a limited life and cost $150+

2. I don't get to attend the meeting like a normal person.  I can't
drink as much as I want, I often don't get pizza, I can't hang out and
talk after the meeting, I am late to the bar.  and I am only 1/2
paying attention to the talk.  sometimes when I am paying too much
attention, I stuff up the video.  not a huge deal, but it is an issue.

Organising etc takes time, but I do it when I chose, like when have
time to spare.

> I hope whoever organizes the events, presents, video tapes and does the
> followup work would accept my heartfelt thanks.
> If donations were available online and/or at meetings that money could be
> presented/divided/etc to whomever helped that meeting.

I have done a few pledgie drives, it didn't work out too well - but I
think if I did it every month is might get better.  one of the
problems I had was not knowing how much I should ask for.   /me looks
at OP.

Carl K

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