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Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Mon May 7 17:08:28 CEST 2012

I want everyone on this list to forward the invite to at least one friend
or group ;) We have a good space this time and let's fill it up.

Here are some languages from the Ultimate Language shootout I (January

C - Daniel
tcl/tk - tentative
Logo - Ian B
Smalltalk -Ian B
Groovy - David S
JAVA - Garrett S
Ruby - Frederick P
JavaScript - Frederick P
Boo - Feihong H
C++ - Allan L
Lua - Allan L
Clojure - Cosmin S
C# - Marc T*
*... many more

Here are some from II (February 2010):

C++ brian R
Fortran William S
Emacs Lisp Christopher W
Erlang Garrett
Haskell Tristan
JavaScript fhsu
Factor tyler G
Ruby jim
*Common Lisp Frank D*
Perl Clyde F
Forth Phil R
Java brian B
F-Script Jeff
Limbo Jeff S
Closure Jeff R
... there were more

The Competition
Each participant gets only 5-10 minutes (depending on entries). The
person who makes the best case wins! They can do whatever they want--
just as long as each presentation is about some programming language
other than Python and make at least one comparison to Python during
the talk.

Sign up:
See who is in the running:

There will be a cash prize for the best presentation (not the best
language, we already know that winner) given of $200. Plus you will be
considered really cool for awhile and your friends will be highly

Brian Ray
(773) 669-7717
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