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Fri Nov 9 15:04:25 CET 2012

Someone asked me last night about how many good solid jobs in "Big Data"
tools (NoSQL, Hadoop, Casandra, MongoDB, Disco, R...) Truth is, I am not
not sure how many jobs labeled as "Big Data" and involve Python are on the
market right now. I imagine there are plenty of jobs with different titles
that use "Big Data" tools; although, they are not in a class of their own.
For example, financial analyst, scientific, open gov data, GIS, and social
media analytics, are some places you may find Python with Big Data but no
jobs marketed as such.

One thing I do know is that when I attended Strata conference (see below)
in the past there were a lot of startups and better established companies
(twitter, linkedin) who use Python heavily in conjunction with big data.
 Python was mentioned in nearly every corner of the conference.

Also, here are almost random links that might be good references of
mentioning Python in the same breath as Big Data:

   -   Hadoop and Python
   -   Disco map reduce in Python http://discoproject.org/ Anyone ever use
   -   Jeremiah Jordan (Morningstar) on Casandra and Python
a lot of links in slides including a note not to use Thrift (comments
   - Found this from our friend @JoeGermuska
references PyData Conference last month in NYC

So to make a long story shorter, if your looking to use Python with big
data on the job, it sounds like there is no shortage of this. However, I am
just not sure if the job title will be something like DBA or "Big Data".
 Although, I am sure that might also be the case but is probably the
exception. Instead, you probably want to look along the lines of Data
Scientist as a job title and pay special attention to mention of Python or
tools available written in Python in the job listing.

Cheers, Brian

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