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My goal is not necessarily to boost membership.  In fact, we have had some
big meetings this last year that would have become unmanageable if we had
100 more warm bodies. Instead, I like being a bit on the down-low so that
the members who attend our meetings actually have some clue. I am still
anticipating the day someone shows up with burmese python... and say they
found us on a MeetUp site.

I did attend Chad's meeting and it was well marketed, ran well, and well
attended. I suggest we take that sort of approach and pick something
specific, like Brian Curtin's Python Sprint, and take a swing at it.  We
can mimic the approach, yet the purpose and focus is so different we can
not expect the same exact results. Nonetheless, I am game to help with this.

On a side, note I did hear some people refer to ChiPy meeting as a
"MeetUp". I do not like the term and I sure hope we are more than a book
club. I see us as a community.

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> On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Cezar Jenkins <emperorcezar at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Meetup.com seems to have a ton of traction right now. I think someone
> around here had an account. Would probably be a good idea to put something
> on there.
> >
> I created a meetup account for the Chicago Python Workshop (Like the
> Boston group). People sign up for the workshop meetup, ranging from
> people with no programming experience to people with 10+ years. Many
> of the introductions say things like "would love to meet other
> Pythonistas"
> Despite linking to chipy in the description of the group, I haven't
> seen an uptick in attendance. People don't read the introduction,
> perhaps, or forget that chipy exists because there isn't a monthly
> entry.
> I used to be anti-meetup, but not any more. If I was dictator, I'd
> make a meetup. Here's the meetup namespace I made for workshops. I
> wish it was in a chipy namespace, and I wish there were signups for
> things like hack-nights, sprints, etc.
> http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Python-Workshop/
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> sheila
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