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Thank you very much.... I'm guilty of #4 i get off work and go straight to
class.  The semester is almost over. So i was hoping to get as Python in as

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> wrote:
> > hey Sheila,
> >
> >    What happened to the amateur python class you was going to put
> together?
> I'm glad you asked.
> Here's my state of the union of something.
> 1. ChipyFans
> 2. Chicago Python Workshop
> 3. Hack nights
> 4. Questions!
> 1. ChipyFans
> First off, join the ChipyFans meetup group,
> <http://www.meetup.com/ChiPyFans/>. I'm going to post future workshops
> there and retire the meetup group I made. Other people will post
> things there too, not just me. Infact, things are already there.
> 2. Chicago Python Workshop
> We've had one so far, and are planning another in December. These both
> are workshops for improving diversity in the python community, a la
> Railsbridge, Boston Python Workshop, PyStar, etc. You can see the
> curriculum and organization from the wiki home,
> <https://openhatch.org/wiki/Chicago_Python_Workshop>.
> In the future I'd like to be able to organize some more general
> beginner workshops, and then also some intermediate ones.  But I have
> to pace them out because I can't manage more than one every couple of
> months. Maybe once I have more experience I can do them more
> frequently. Right now I'm still learning a lot.
> 3. Hack nights
> I want to make sure everyone knows about the non-workshop project
> nights that happen around the city.
> There are some non-workshop events I've been attending:
> I've been trying to make it to all of the ps:one python office hours,
> and started a wiki page for it,
> <http://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Python_Office_Hours>, I'd like to
> have some pages up for starting points for people to follow based on
> what they are interested in. For example, if someone doesn't have a
> project, they could show up and follow a self-paced curriculum like
> the Chicago Python Workshop's, which is completely for beginning
> programming, or they could follow some other curricula, to be
> determined. Around 5 to 10 people typically show up for office hours.
> I actually expected a little more, maybe we should send out more
> announcements? suggestions? Maybe it's just that people don't get to
> that part of the city if they don't live around there?
> I found out about OpenHack Wednesdays at FreeGeek
> <http://freegeekchicago.org/calendar>, and I'm going to try to make
> those at least once a month. I haven't been to one yet, but I heard
> someone there teaches python, and has been teaching flask.
> 4. Questions
> Why don't more of you show up at ps:one for python office hours?
> Sometimes I see people ask questions on the mailing list, but they
> don't show up to the office hours. When I started going to the office
> hours, I expected more people to be there due to all the questions on
> the mailing list. Is it because you didn't know about them? because of
> the location? the time?
> What kinds of topics would people like to have in a workshop? I would
> like some pandas stuff.
> Do we ever want a project night for a chipy meeting, or should chipy
> meetings always be talks? The Boston group has project nights.
> --
> sheila
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