[Chicago] Randy's State of Python for 11/30/2012

Randall Baxley rlbax777 at swbell.net
Fri Nov 30 17:43:55 CET 2012

Also my machine state.
Dell Inspiron 530S with two large flat screens.
Just completed the U of Toronto with a 100 on the final and 99.4 for the entire course.  Took a week off and am now diving into the Rice Interactive course though everything will be too late for feedback.
Dell Inspiron 700m have not used in at least two years.
I did pull it out from under some books though so if in January I might want to load Python on it and attend a work day or office hours.
iMac, half egg with a flat screen sticking out of it.  I do not even know the pw for this machine.  Mac OS X on Power Mac GS.  I have a book here on UNIX for OS X Tiger 10.4.At one point I knew something called Zenix and I also programmed some on a Vax though I did not love either one.

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