[Chicago] Introduce Yourself

D Mahoney dan at streemit.net
Tue Oct 2 17:01:49 CEST 2012

I'm Dan, and I'm systems engineer for a video streaming firm in Orland 
Park. I have only attended one ChiPy meeting (the ChiPy/Hacks and 
Hackers joint meeting) since I don't do well in heavy traffic. Maybe one 
of these meetings where you're close to a train station...

I manage streaming servers (Wowza), and when I need to extend the 
functionality of the servers I have to write Java code (I'm not a big 
fan of Java). The server features a JMX interface for processes 
management and control, but when I need to write a JMX app I can do so 
in Jython. And all of the scripts I write to control our EC2 instances 
get written in Python.

My eventual goal for a long-term project will be to write a streaming 
server in Python.

Dan Mahoney

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