[Chicago] Python bug day - October 27

Brian Curtin brian at python.org
Fri Oct 12 21:12:50 CEST 2012

Would anyone be interested in getting together on Saturday October 27
to hack on Python?

Whether it's CPython, one of the other interpreters, or the standard
library, there has been discussion on the python-dev mailing list
about a bunch of groups getting together to introduce people to
contributing to Python and work on fixing bugs or adding features. A
group out of Montreal got it started, and so far groups in Finland
(after PyCon Finland), Poland (not sure where, specifically), and
maybe Boston are planning to get together and hack as well.

1. Would anyone be interested?
2. Where could we meet?

I've lead CPython sprints in the past at PyCon and have written about
and presented about the topic of contribution, so I'm more than
willing to help get people up and running. If you want to work on
PyPy, I don't know much about it myself, and the Chicago PyPy guru now
lives in San Francisco. I'm sure we could figure it out, though, and I
bet their IRC will be active.

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