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Brian Toby Brian.Toby at ANL.gov
Mon Apr 29 18:36:51 CEST 2013

On Apr 28, 2013, at 10:35 AM, Jason Wirth wrote:

> You said you are "finding it hard to master". Why so? You mean keyboard shortcuts, or some specific IDE-type feature?

I find that when I start up Eclipse, it is usually to handle something that I would not do in Emacs (running the debugging, browsing through 20+ files in a package,...), but then I find that I can't find the stupid search and replace (someone just showed me that Eclipse can handle method/variable renaming really well -- but how would I find that out?). Often I find myself switching over to emacs because I know how to do something there, which must be in Eclipse, but I just don't know what its called or how to find it. Last time I used Eclipse, I found that I was unable to launch the debugger or get my files into a new project. I am used to mastering computer tools without much effort, so finding myself clueless is just not appealing. 

Eclipse is big, powerful and at least to me somewhat bewildering. Perhaps if I set aside a few days to just play with it and/or found some guide material to read, I might do better with it, but I have not found something like that Python programmers. This might be a good reason to prefer something commercial. I don't mind paying for value (but not for Redmond) and/or for good support and documentation, but there is something one gives up knowing that the source code for product that matters is locked up in a vault and that product could go the way of Digital. 

I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed on this thread. I have learned a lot and had some fun. 

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