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On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Brian Toby <Brian.Toby at anl.gov> wrote:

> On Apr 28, 2013, at 10:35 AM, Jason Wirth wrote:
> You said you are "finding it hard to master". Why so? You mean keyboard
> shortcuts, or some specific IDE-type feature?
> I find that when I start up Eclipse, it is usually to handle something
> that I would not do in Emacs (running the debugging, browsing through 20+
> files in a package,...), but then I find that I can't find the stupid
> search and replace (someone just showed me that Eclipse can handle
> method/variable renaming really well -- but how would I find that out?).
> Often I find myself switching over to emacs because I know how to do
> something there, which must be in Eclipse, but I just don't know what its
> called or how to find it. Last time I used Eclipse, I found that I was
> unable to launch the debugger or get my files into a new project. I am used
> to mastering computer tools without much effort, so finding myself clueless
> is just not appealing.

> Eclipse is big, powerful and at least to me somewhat bewildering. Perhaps
> if I set aside a few days to just play with it and/or found some guide
> material to read, I might do better with it, but I have not found something
> like that Python programmers. This might be a good reason to prefer

It might help to make up a list of features that people typically enjoy in
IDEs. from that you or someone could make a quickref for how you accomplish
those things in Eclipse or how you can learn to do them in emacs or any
other editor.

I've been trying to soup up vim to have the same features I like from
intelliJ and Eclipse.

anyway, here is a gist I started with an outline of ideas. are those the
kinds of things you want to know how to do?


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