[Chicago] Leveraging Python (tutorial) Etc. in Chicago (Sept 2)

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> Greetings Chicagoans --
> (spellchecker said "Chicagoite" was improper)
> Most your know about Djangocon in Chicago, coming up immanently.

Dang.  "Most of you know about..."  (hate typos).

Just wanted to add:  if you do sign up for my tutorial, feel free to email
me ahead of time with more of your background and interests -- even if
we've already met and talked before.  Include any web sites you want me to
look at.

It'd be interesting for me, and I think for the session as a whole, if I
had better than average first-hand knowledge of who I'd be sharing with.  I
could customize more ahead of time.

My own stash of Python-related writings is mostly here:

Also, I don't know how many seats are available and probably there's
preference given to those attending the whole conference.  I encourage
prompt action.

I'll be linking to these same two posts from edu-sig (python.org), my usual

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