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> Python is a popular dynamic language with a large part of its appeal
> coming from powerful libraries and extension modules. These augment the
> language and make it a productive environment for a wide variety of tasks,
> ranging from web development (Django) to numerical analysis (NumPy).
> Unfortunately, Python's performance is quite poor when compared to modern
> implementations of languages such as Lua and JavaScript. [ CITATION NEEDED
> <--- as they say in Wikipedia ]
I'd say a footnote to a bunch of benchmark studies right here would do this
advertisement a world of good.

Python is in a performance niche that's true, and can't be seen as a race
horse in all races.

Actually closer to the truth is Python-the-jockey rides atop several horses
(VMs) rather successfully, with more horses to come most probably.

But why are we talking about Lua in particular and not Erlang?   Weird.

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