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Chris Sinchok chris at sinchok.com
Mon Aug 26 23:54:50 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I work in web development at The Onion—host of the March ChiPy meeting—and
our video folks are looking for an office location to shoot at this week,
so I thought I'd drop a line to the list and see if anyone would be
interested. If you are, please shoot me an email off-list, and I'll get you
in touch with the right people.

Here's the information from our video team:

This would be a short web video for the Onion Special Report series. The
headline for this story is CEO Has Special Knack For Recognizing Great
Ideas And Ruining Them.  Here is an example of
did a while back in an office setting. The video is usually no longer than
two minutes and will be interview based with some b-roll footage of
employees interacting with the CEO (these will be the actors we bring). The
story will be delivered to our website on Thursday, so Wednesday would
realistically be our last shoot day. It would take an hour and a half at
most and our crew of 3 would bring 4-5 actors into the office with one
camera and microphone. Because we've used our space so often, we're looking
for a different office setting for a bit of variety. Preferably, we'd love
to get a scene in a conference room and a few scenes in very typical spaces
of an office: kitchen, cubicle, break room, etc. There would of course be
no shots with your company's branding and would in no way tie your actual
work into the video. We can make the space look pretty unrecognizable. This
should be a really fun shoot and if anyone in your office would like to be
in the video, we would love to have them, and would consequently bring less
people into your space. We do realize the imposing nature of such a hasty
request, and mean to imply no pressure! But if this sounds like something
your office could have some fun with, then we would love to come shoot the
video some time at your convenience in the next two days!

Thanks a lot, and I'll see you guys at the next (best ever) meeting!

Chris Sinchok
chris at sinchok.com
csinchok at theonion.com
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