[Chicago] Chipy discount for Chicago Erlang conference (off topic)

Garrett Smith g at rre.tt
Fri Aug 30 19:17:24 CEST 2013

Apologies for the off topic post, but I thought this might be of
interest to some.

The Erlang user group in town is hosting a conference in Chicago on October 4:


This is a one day event that focuses on scalability topics -- with
some functional programming thrown in. If you're curious to learn
about the language, it's super powers, use cases, etc. I think you'll
find this quite valuable.

I've setup a promotional code (15% off) for Chipy -- if you're
interested please use this code when registering:


Again, apologies for the non Python post - if anyone is *genuinely*
offended, I'll buy you a beer at the next Chipy meeting. [1]


[1] Offer applies to the first 12 genuinely offended individuals. You
MUST reply off list to receive this benefit. I reserve the right to
select the beer, but rest assured it will be excellent!

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