[Chicago] Who will run the first Project Night?

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Sat Aug 31 02:20:46 CEST 2013

A bunch of people emailed me with a +1, and it seems the consensus on this 
list is that a project night would be great.

Now, we just need someone to take the lead in organizing it. Can that be 

If so, reply with a "Yeah, I'll do it" and we'll take it from there.

Keep in mind: the event will be great, and ChiPy organizers and I remotely 
are willing to help you, and afterward, everyone will remember fondly that 
you are the one who made it happen.

To get the event off the ground, I think it would take about 2-5 hours of 
effort from whoever is the lead organizer.

The steps would be:


* Email this list saying, "Yeah, I'll do it", declaring that you'll 
spearhead getting the first Project Night off the ground.

* Optional: Have a Google Hangouts or Skype video chat with me to make 
sure we're on the same page.

* Email Brian Ray and see what venue might be appropriate. You'd need to 
find a venue what can support 20-50 people on laptops.

* Also ask Brian Ray who might be able to sponsor food for the event.

* Pick a date and time, and send an announcement to the ChiPy list and 
probably post it to http://www.meetup.com/ChiPyFans/ as well.

* If you're willing, find some other relevant groups to cross-post the 
event to. I have some ideas on this.

* Email the Chicago Python list saying you are looking for people willing 
to help newcomers by being willing to answer questions. Just getting a few 
people (2-3) would be fine. (I've already heard from one such person!)

* Create a web page (perhaps on the openhatch.org/wiki/ ) with recommend 
resources for newcomers. I can help somewhat with this! Starting point: 

At event

* Show up to the venue a little early, and make sure food and drinks work 
out fine.

* At the venue, organize the seating into smallish groups (3-10 people per 
table), and put a white 8.5x11 sheet of paper on that table with the 
words, written with a Sharpie, "Newcomers corner".

* Optionally, also put a label on other tables, so people can self-sort 
into things they're interested in doing. Perhaps this list: "Django", 
"Non-Django web", "GIS", "Civic Hacking"

* When the event begins, stand up at the front and say: "Welcome to 
Project Night! I'm {{ NAME }}. Thanks for coming. The goal of the event is 
that people meet each other and/or work on projects related to Python that 
are interesting to them. The event is welcoming to newcomers, and so we've 
put some resources on the web and we have some people specially interested 
in helping newcomers. Can 5they stand up? Great, now all those people 
should be at the table labeled, 'Newcomers corner.' Same with the 
newcomers, if you want to be in a place where people want to help you. 
Thanks to our sponsors, {{ SPONSORNAMEHERE }}, and thanks to {{ HOSTNAME 
}} for providing space. Now, go forth and work on projects, or chat!"

* Be available for random questions about the event during the event.

* Optional: Take photos so that afterward, you can remember how 
amazingly great the event was.

* Optional: Roam around the room and ask people what they're working on, 
and if they're willing to give a ChiPy lightning talk about it. That's 
especially useful for people for whom this is their first ChiPy event.

-- Asheesh.

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