[Chicago] Cloud storage: Dropbox or Google Drive?

Matthew Erickson matt at soulrobotic.com
Fri Dec 6 21:32:02 CET 2013

Not to do something as crass as suggest the company I work for or anything, but...

...to suggest the company I work for, might I note SpiderOak (https://spideroak.com)?

<soapbox type="better-my-company-than-the-competition">
We have desktop clients for all desktoppy platforms, and read-only for mobile devices. Our big thing is "zero-knowledge" privacy, where your private key is derived from your password, and we don't know or have the ability to change either. $100/yr/100GB.

As to Python... we're pretty much an all-Python shop with some Erlang and more and more JavaScript, and are slowly making it a point of hiring maintainers of software we use (we pay the salary of one of the PyWin32 maintainers, for example).

-- Matt

On 12/6/13, 12:22 PM, "Jason Wirth" <wirth.jason at gmail.com<mailto:wirth.jason at gmail.com>> wrote:

My 2GB Dropbox account is getting pretty full and I'm thinking about paying for a storage subscription. The problem is I'm a bit torn between Dropbox and Google Drive.

Dropbox has some nice features, like Linux support, which Google refuses to offer, as well as working with PythonAnywhere. I also like that Guido works there and they use Python -- that's something I'd like to support.

Google Drive however integrates nicely with Gmail (and increases your Gmail inbox size). It's also a better value. Google offers 200GB of storage for $10/mo, while DB is only 100GB. (100GB on Google is only $5.)

Anyone have thoughts?
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