[Chicago] pypy, and my apologies to Paul May

Randy Baxley randy7771026 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 00:01:12 CET 2013

I am new to Gmail so not sure this got through to ChiPy or just to Paul
May.  I have just watched three hours of archives on the Python GIL and
will watch two more if no one interrupts me with where the talks are for

Dr. Sibley would be proud.

On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Randy Baxley <randy7771026 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I have a head cold so do not feel like doing a lot of visual focusing but
> my ears and the weired and wired areas of my brain are functioning so I was
> listening to the 2012 keynote and wondered if the other two talks were the
> warmups he mentions toward the end or if there are two more directly pypy
> subject oriented videos by him:
> Keynote: David Beazley<http://pyvideo.org/video/659/keynote-david-beazley>
> Event: PyCon US 2012 <http://pyvideo.org/category/17/pycon-us-2012>
> Speakers: David Beazley <http://pyvideo.org/speaker/125/david-beazley>
> Recorded: March 10, 2012
> Language: English
> <http://pyvideo.org/video/443/pycon-2011--using-python-3-to-build-a-cloud-compu>
> Using Python 3 to Build a Cloud Computing Service for my Superboard II<http://pyvideo.org/video/443/pycon-2011--using-python-3-to-build-a-cloud-compu>
> Event: PyCon US 2011 <http://pyvideo.org/category/7/pycon-us-2011>
> Speakers: David Beazley <http://pyvideo.org/speaker/125/david-beazley>
> Recorded: March 11, 2011
> Language: English
> <http://pyvideo.org/video/569/vintage-1978-superboard-ii-hacking-with-some-pyth>
> Vintage 1978 Superboard II hacking with some Python3 and ZeroMQ<http://pyvideo.org/video/569/vintage-1978-superboard-ii-hacking-with-some-pyth>
> I'm not sure if we're still looking for talks on Thursday, but if so, I'd
> like to volunteer to give a talk about using Python to do some
> retro-computing hacking involving my vintage 1978 Superboard II. It's not
> exactly robotics, but it involves hardware and a lot of low-level hacking
> (along with some Python3 and ZeroMQ thrown in for good measure ;-).
> Event: ChiPy <http://pyvideo.org/category/14/chipy>
> Speakers: David Beazley <http://pyvideo.org/speaker/125/david-beazley>
> Recorded: January 13, 2011
> Language: English
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