[Chicago] Running matplotlib in 32-bit Python on OS X

Adam Forsyth adam at adamforsyth.net
Thu Feb 14 18:20:05 CET 2013

What I do in situations like this is to develop in a linux VM. If you have
at least 8gb of ram it shouldn't be a problem.
On Feb 14, 2013 10:16 AM, "Osman Siddique" <osiddique at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi ChiPy,
> I'm in a rut so deep I can hang posters. I was hoping I could get some
> help from the many knowledgeable matplotlib users on the ChiPy mailing list.
> Here's my dilemma -
> I'm attempting to use matplotlib w/ the 32-bit version of wxPython. When I
> enter 'python-32 file.py' into my terminal, I get import errors that
> complain about matplotlib._png. However, if I do 'python file2.py'
> (file2.py being the file that contains the actual command to import
> matplotlib), I get no errors. Based on this, it seems that my problem is
> related to running python in 32-bit mode.
> I tried fixing the issue by using the 64-bit development release of
> wxPython for OS X, but this led to all sorts of thread related memory leak
> issues which are apparently a known bug.
> Basically, is there a way to get matplotlib and the 'python-32' directive
> to play nicely w/ each other?
> Thanks and looking forward to today's best meeting EVER,
> Osman
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