[Chicago] [ANN] ChiPy July meeting this Thurs at Wargaming

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 16:24:47 CEST 2013

RSVP today for the best meeting ever -> http://chipy.org

WHEN: Thursday July 11th 2013 at 7pm

[image: Inline image 1]
Wargaming West
651 W Washington Blvd Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60661
at Washington and Des Plaines

(Food and drink provided)

Founded in the late 90's by a group of military strategy enthusiasts,
Wargaming develops gaming software and support now over 45 million
registered players.


   - *Asynchronous I/O in Python 3*
   (0:45:00 Minutes)
   By: Feihong Hsu
   I'm going to talk about PEP 3156 and go over basic usage of the
   reference implementation, codenamed Tulip.
   - *ipython / notebook demo*
   (0:20:00 Minutes)
   By: Jason Wirth
   ipython was a big focus of Scipy, Fernando gave a keynote, Brian gave a
   talk, and there was a tutorial. ipython appeals to a broad audience from
   beginners to advanced users. IDLE is awful and I basically learned Python
   using iPython. Presenter will touch on the powerful features and
   extensibility for advanced users.
   - *A SciPy recap: Tracking history and provenance with Sumatra*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Sheila Miguez
   This lightning talk recaps a [talk on Sumatra](
   from the reproducible science track at SciPy2013.

RSVP Here -> http://chipy.org

Brian Ray
(773) 669-7717
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