[Chicago] [ANN] ChiPy Meeting Thurs: Ultimate Language Shootout IV

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 15:58:25 CEST 2013

The Ultimate Language Shootout is a once a year special event where ChiPy
(Chicago Python User Group) invites all languages to compete for the best
presentation. The winner takes home $300 and lots of nerd street credit.

RSVP here http://www.chipy.org

Our food and drink host is Github:  We <3 Github
GitHub <https://github.com> is the best place to share code with friends,
co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over three million people
use GitHub to build amazing things together.*

When: June 13th, meeting starts at 7pm

Where: Open Software Integrators <http://www.osintegrators.com/> 119 N
Peoria St. #2E Chicago, IL 60607

*Thanks to our host: Open Software Integrators, LLC is a professional
services company that provides consulting, training, development and
support. OSI has offices in Durham, North Carolina and Chicago, Illinois.*

RSVP here http://www.chipy.org

Want to compete? Register your talk here:

OR just show up and raise your hand at the beginning of the meeting.

Current competitors:

   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Haskell or: How a List Comprehension
   Is Like a Burrito*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Greg Kettler
   It's a compiled, statically typed, lazy, purely functional programming
   language. About as far as possible from Python? Not quite. The languages
   have a lot in common and Python has already borrowed a few tricks from
   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV: QUASI*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Randy Baxley
   1977 - A language, the description of which was handed to me on about
   one hundred and fifty mimeographed eight and one half by eleven sheets.
   Robert Sibley handed it to the class to use as our compiler project.
   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV CoffeeScript*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Feihong Hsu
   A brief introduction to CoffeeScript.
   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Ruby*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Ross Heflin
   Ruby, what you need to know
   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV: Go: come drink the delicious kool-aid*
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: David Sutton
   From the makers of the wildly successful Plan 9 operating system and B
   programming language. Go is google's stab at a systems programming.
   - *Ultimate Language Shootout IV: C# is slightly better than you might
   (0:05:00 Minutes)
   By: Philip Doctor
   If you find yourself accidentally writing c#, you can still have some

At some point, we will take a break and talk about next month's sprint for
Mozilla Open Badges in webdev.

RSVP here http://www.chipy.org

Brian Ray
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