[Chicago] Best Ever Meeting and Swartz Documentation

Randy Baxley randy7771026 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 13:55:47 CET 2013

We have had a lot of wonderful meetings in the 13 months I have been coming
and I am sure many more before I showed up.  This one though with the venue
snafos aside was still THE BEST for me.  So many wonderful talks.  I am
grateful for all the work Carl and Sheila put in for video documentation of
what we all do.  I know I missed Sheila's talk but was able to watch it
this morning.  I love here characterization of the Group 2 project as
Universal Access to Physical Places.  I added though for Access to Fiscal
Equality.  This makes the acronym UAPPAFE, the best acronym ever.

Now to the documentation on GitHub.  I am reading that we should convert
our pad to a jotit and then one of us should put in a pull request to add
the jotit link.  Am I correct in this?
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