[Chicago] UnCubed Event and Wakefield and hacks

Randy Baxley randy7771026 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 22:46:00 CET 2013

It seems like the invite to UnCubed came via this group.  If I am wrong my
apoligies.  It seems like there was also a request to report back if we we

That report for me would be that the venue was extremely interesting.  The
presentation by Razorfish was cogent.  There was very little of direct
interest to people interested in Open Source or Python.  The Wakefield
newsletter is of mild interest in that it hits my box many times a week
with various startups and I like seeing the energy even though it is not
usually Chicago centric.  This strip does interest me but only because my
smoke alarm is mounted high on a ceiling and when we use the stove top
grill it often goes off and I would have loved to have turned it off last
night when I grilled a steak and vegetables.


As to hacks, there are many in the city and I was wondering if anyone might
be interested in forming up something consistent with Python or Django
emphasis.  Of course my agenda would be at the beginning towards the group
2 project from our Aaron Swartz hack but that is just me and just now.
 There is a very nice room at Portage Grounds as well as the Cafe at City
News that is convenient for me but I have been known to travel as far North
as Northwestern and as far South as Pilsen for this type of confab.

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