[Chicago] Good readings on the history of computing

Jason Wirth wirth.jason at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 21:40:16 CEST 2013

Whatever the subject I often learn a great deal by studying history and the
context that spawned the present. For example, my understanding of physics
grew immensely after learning about the history of science. Technology is
no different. As much as I think current technology has moved beyond older
tech, the new always has deep roots in the past. E.g. Python is a newer
language, so why does PEP8 specify 79 character line widths?

Does anyone have suggestion for articles on the history of computing?

Note, Python specific stuff would be great but it doesn't have to be python
specific, and almost by definition probably won't be.

For example, here Is a wonderful talk by Douglas Crockford (author of
JavaScript, the Good Parts) that's exactly the type of material I'm
interested in.

Another great example is Code.


Jason Wirth
    wirth.jason at gmail.com
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