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If you're in the mood for a slightly esoteric take on computation, Godel,
Escher, Bach is a good read. It's more about big ideas than facts and
history, but will give you some cultural perspective.


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> Whatever the subject I often learn a great deal by studying history and
> the context that spawned the present. For example, my understanding of
> physics grew immensely after learning about the history of science.
> Technology is no different. As much as I think current technology
> has moved beyond older tech, the new always has deep roots in the past.
> E.g. Python is a newer language, so why does PEP8 specify 79 character line
> widths?
> Does anyone have suggestion for articles on the history of computing?
> Note, Python specific stuff would be great but it doesn't have to be
> python specific, and almost by definition probably won't be.
> For example, here Is a wonderful talk by Douglas Crockford (author of
> JavaScript, the Good Parts) that's exactly the type of material I'm
> interested in.
> http://youtu.be/JxAXlJEmNMg
> Another great example is Code.
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