[Chicago] Python / Djangcon workshop distilled to 3.5 mins on Youtube

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Wed Sep 25 08:28:57 CEST 2013

I'm replicating / forwarding something I sent to
Maria Drujkova's Math Future Google group,
a resource in itself, lots of overlap with Python.

Since it mentions Chicago so much, and I know
from many visits that Chicago is big into education,
which I somewhat touch on.

Kirby Urner
Portland User Group

More re Maria:


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I gave a 3.5 hour workshop in Chicago again this year,
somewhat overlapping in content with my workshop of
2009, co-presented with Steve Holden, then chairman
of the Python Software Foundation.  51 minutes of the
2009 talk survive on BlipTV.[0]

At DjangoCon, workshops were not taped (the shorter
talks were) so what survives is this 3.5 minute
"director's comments" special feature on Youtube:


You'll find allusions to my Tractor Math talk at the
eduSummit at Pycon 2013 [1], where I met some of you
in person e.g. Michel Paul.  David Chandler was also
there and has since moved to Portland.

I suppose you could say it's a commercial for
O'Reilly School and/or Wolfram but neither was
paying me to script it that way.  I just wanted to
highlight their small town proximity and yes,
there's a deeper relationship behind the scenes,
as one might expect given both are math-oriented
and scanning the horizon for emerging possibilities.


[0] http://worldgame.blogspot.com/2009/03/urner-workshop.html
[1] http://worldgame.blogspot.com/2013/03/pycon-2013-begins.html
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