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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:22 AM, Seth Eheart <seheart at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm sure this isn't a new idea and I apologize if it has been previously
> discussed and or scheduled, but I thought hosting a beginners workshop
> would be great. I have some PHP friends and they host several small weekend
> camps throughout the year for people interested in PHP with little to no
> coding background. Thought we could do the same. Would be nice to expand it
> out to middle/high school students who might be interested in programming
> as well.
> I have some contacts with UChicago, so we might get them to host it and
> then network with other Chicago circles to gain small level of sponsorship.
> Just thinking big here, but I believe there is a possible need.

I also know someone at UChicago who has helped run a beginner python
workshop with me and she is interested in helping with another one. Would
you be able to take on pragmattic tasks and organize things? The reason I
have not scheduled another workshop is that I am unable to organize them at
this time. I will mention this email to her.

> If there is any interest, please let me know. Could be really good
> publicity for the group and a way to grow the base.

Did you see some earlier emails in the list from Asheesh?

Who will run the first project night?

Shall chipy have project night?

A project night is not a class or workshop but it is definitely still a way
to introduce new people to python and chipy.

Basically someone could do the following to host. I wish it was me! But I
can't do it right now. :( So please someone sign up! I could show up to sit
at a table but I can't organize and run an event for now.

At event

   - Show up to the venue a little early, and make sure food and drinks
   work out fine.

   - At the venue, organize the seating into smallish groups (3-10 people
   per table), and put a white 8.5x11 sheet of paper on that table with the
   words, written with a Sharpie, "Newcomers corner".

   - Optionally, also put a label on other tables, so people can self-sort
   into things they're interested in doing. Perhaps this list: "Django",
   "Non-Django web", "GIS", "Civic Hacking"

   - When the event begins, stand up at the front and say: "Welcome to
   Project Night! I'm NAME. Thanks for coming. The goal of the event is that
   people meet each other and/or work on projects related to Python that are
   interesting to them. The event is welcoming to newcomers, and so we've put
   some resources on the web and we have some people specially interested in
   helping newcomers. Can 5they stand up? Great, now all those people should
   be at the table labeled, 'Newcomers corner.' Same with the newcomers, if
   you want to be in a place where people want to help you. Thanks to our
   sponsors, SPONSORNAMEHERE, and thanks to HOSTNAME for providing space. Now,
   go forth and work on projects, or chat!"

   - Be available for random questions about the event during the event.

   - Optional: Take photos so that afterward, you can remember how
   amazingly great the event was.

   - Optional: Roam around the room and ask people what they're working on,
   and if they're willing to give a ChiPy lightning talk about it. That's
   especially useful for people for whom this is their first ChiPy event.

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