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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 9:15 AM, Brian Curtin <brian at python.org> wrote:

> It's a good idea, and I'm sure there's need/want for it, but this
> really starts and ends with a good teacher and great materials -
> location, sponsorship, etc come way later. This is especially the case
> when expanding it down towards school students, and when class size
> gets larger.

There's some good material out there for beginners, and one idea is to seek
sponsorship for the people who've taught them (the Young Coders at various
pycons, for example, also
ttps://openhatch.org/wiki/Chicago_Python_Workshop) to travel here to
teach the classes as well as have people attend to get
teaching experience.

We definitely also have some good teachers in chipy, including people with
years of experience teaching high school, for example Naomi Ceder who
organized and ran the pycon education summit also taught int he Chicago
Python Workshop along with other members of chipy.

So, assuming we had help with a location, we do have good curricula out
there (young coders, openhatch beginner workshop, openhatch intermediate
workshop, software carpentry workshops), we could apply for funds from the
PSF outreach group or perhaps the PSF in general to have people travel and
teach the classes unless we have people here.

Unfortunately I cannot do the work to find a host at the moment, but I do
know that google has a lot of room where they are and someone pinged Fitz
for us -- he's traveling but he said he could check in to it if we had
specific dates. I've also used RedHat for space before. They have a pretty
good classroom sized for about 25 students. Kind of small, however it was a
nice space with respect to power, wifi, facilities.

For the first workshop we had employeers sponsor us and we also paid out of
pocket for somethigns (me and the other people running the event), but for
the event after that we had PSF Outreach provide funds for food.

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