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Chicago-based and GROWING, Echo Global Logistics<http://www.echo.com/>, one of the world's fastest-growing transportation management firms, is hiring Principal Python Software Engineer to join their expanding team. The Principal Python Software Engineer will lead the engineering of large scale solutions to enable Echo's business while supporting the strategic architectural vision of quality, scalability, performance, and function.

Essential Position Functions

Principal Accountability | Technical Planning

 *   Owns technical design, including high-level conceptual diagram, ERD, service contracts, etc.
 *   Thinks out loud-talks about design frequently with members and TPP design committee
 *   Follows through and communicates design decisions to everyone on the team
 *   Works with Architects to ensure a team's direction is in line with enterprise vision

Principal Accountability | Software Development

 *   Active member of a product team that solves complex challenges and builds working software
 *   Develops with an awareness for team members needs
 *   Addresses technical debt constantly - escalating when it becomes risky (time or quality)
 *   Produces high quality code, fast
 *   Dependable and highly skilled development resource for peers
 *   Promotes collective code ownership so that everyone has visibility into the feature codebase
 *   Commands a broad awareness of related projects
 *   Mentors team members
 *   Provides development expertise to team members through education and review
 *   Facilitates pair programming to communicate design knowledge throughout the team
 *   Encourages integration and promotes obtaining shared goals with members of team
 *   Practices and teaches test-driven programming

Principal Accountability | Release Planning

 *   Supports and is accountable for timely releases and adherence to release activities
 *   Resolves defects in a timely and effective manner
 *   Identifies tactical risks and raises/resolves issues effectively
 *   Oversees merge up/down process
 *   Ensures that operational teams are effective during deployment (dry-run or production)
 *   Follows up with infrastructure to create service accounts, permissions, access rights, etc.
 *   Carries out root cause analysis on defects to ensure fixes are happening in the right way
 *   Creates deployment documentation which outlines WHERE & WHAT?

Principal Accountability | Education

 *   Collaborates outside of the product team to encourage a development community
 *   Establishes and carries out formal and informal educational sessions (lunch/learn, etc.)
 *   Liaises between the team and management to assure needed skills are represented on the team
 *   Encourages self-study by promoting best practices and bringing in external perspective

Principal Accountability | Team Member

 *   Works hand-in-hand with Product Owner to break down user stories into small functional slices
 *   Encourages integration and promotes obtaining shared goals with team members
 *   Always open to new ideas and encourages innovative practices amongst peers
 *   Maintains an attitude of commitment through outward display of willingness
 *   Practices positive interactions - leans on encouragement in place of judgment
 *   Impresses responsibility on others by displaying ownership in tasks
 *   Acts in the interest of the overall team
 *   Actively works on broadening or adding a skill
 *   Asks for assistance when problems become challenging
 *   Willingness to promote and participate in new initiatives (i.e., CoE initiatives)
 *   Balances best practice decisions with delivering high business value (right vs. right now)
 *   Contributes to the success of a self-organizing team

Technical Requirements

Software Design

 *   8+ years developing commercial-grade business applications leveraging the following:
    *   Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
    *   Multi-tier Architectures
    *   Distributed systems

Web Development

 *   Web frameworks
    *   Django
    *   Pyramid
    *   Flask
    *   Pylons
 *   Real-time web frameworks
    *   Tornado
    *   Twisted
    *   Gevent
    *   Gunicorn
 *   Database connectivity
    *   ORMs
    *   SQLAlchemy
    *   ODBC
    *   DB-API
 *   IDE
    *   IntelliJ
    *   Eclipse
    *   Emacs
    *   Vim
 *   Offline processing / messaging
    *   Cron
    *   Celery
    *   AMQP
 *   Source control systems
    *   SVN
    *   Git
    *   Mercurial
    *   CVS
 *   Python interpreters
    *   CPython
    *   IPython
    *   IronPython
 *   Front-end frameworks
    *   Bootstrap
    *   JQuery
    *   Less / Sass
    *   Angular
    *   Knockout
 *   Multi-threading (GIL)
 *   Integration with .NET


 *   Test frameworks
 *   Unit testing
    *   Unittest
    *   Mock
 *   Integration testing
    *   Selenium
    *   Robot
 *   Regression testing
 *   Browser testing
    *   Browserstack
    *   IE compatibility issues


 *   Packaging Python applications
 *   Distributing Python applications
 *   Setuptools versus pip
 *   Virtualenv
 *   Virtualization
    *   VirtualBox
    *   Parallels
    *   VMWare
 *   Cloud infrastructures
    *   Amazon EC2
    *   DigitalOcean
    *   Linode
    *   Heroku

Monitoring / Troubleshooting

 *   Log aggregation / scraping
 *   Site usage metrics
 *   Error alerting
 *   Debuggers


 *   Open source community participation
    *   GitHub
    *   Bitbucket
    *   StackExchange
 *   Personal projects

Overall Position Requirements

 *   Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent years of experience
 *   2+ years contributing on an Agile team
 *   Proven track record (5+ years ) of working in a fast-paced, time-sensitive project that requires:
    *   Clear and timely communication of key information deemed critical to project success
    *   Managing software risk
    *   Balancing priorities
    *   Going above and beyond the requirement of the role
    *   Mentoring junior engineers
    *   Articulating technical information to a non-technical audience
    *   Leading without authority
 *   1 year of technical leadership experience

To apply, forward a resume to Megan McCann<mailto:mmccann at echo.com>.

Megan McCann
Echo Global Logistics
600 West Chicago Avenue
Suite 725
Chicago, IL 60654
Office: 312.784.7666
Mobile: 773.255.6869
Facsimile: 312.784.7667
Email: mmccann at echo.com<mailto:mmccann at echo.com>
Web: www.echo.com<http://www.echo.com>

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