[Chicago] ChiPy December Meeting - Details and Call for Talks

Adam Forsyth adam at adamforsyth.net
Sun Dec 7 18:43:21 CET 2014

The December meeting will be at Braintree's new office on the 8th Floor of
the Merchandise Mart.

RSVPs are now open: http://www.chipy.org/

We have two talks so far, but can potentially fit one more. You can propose
one at http://www.chipy.org/meetings/topics/propose

Our first talk will be by Kenneth Reitz, author of Requests, PSF Fellow,
and product owner of Python at Heroku. His talks are listed at
http://www.kennethreitz.org/talks/ -- let us know which you'd like to see!

The second is by Tanya Schlusser:

A lightning look at O'Reilly's Python books

Wouldn't it be awesome if ChiPy wrote its own book? We'd be able to get
BEvERages for weeks, maybe months on the royalty! If so, we'd need to see
what's already out there.
This lightning talk takes a look at O'Reilly's Python books using requests
and BeautifulSoup, with a little of scipy's hierarchical clustering on the
book descriptions. It is presented in an iPython notebook.
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