[Chicago] Anyone using Python 3?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 00:27:18 CET 2014

O'Reilly School of Technology (OST) where I'm one of two Python mentors,
teaches only Python 3.  We're mostly in Eclipse using 3.1 at the moment,
with plans on the books to make the leap to 3.4 next.

Of course many of my students demonstrate familiarity with 2.x whereas
those completely new to Python may at first be confused.

Lets be up front about it:  it takes a bit of explaining, as not all
languages are "living" nor have all made "a leap" in maturity -- there's a
story here.

I actually find it helpful to dredge up the Y2K memories and say how Guido
tongue-in-cheek hooked into that by making "Py3K" seem millennial (i.e.
semi-apocalyptic), a "mock crisis" in the tradition of our love of comedy
(Monty Python et al).

In point of fact, the transition has been going smoothly, and there's
nothing stopping 2.x engines from running reliably, supporting what's
already on their shoulders.  In other words, it's not either/or:  Pythons
of different vintage will be found within the ecosystem.

There's no reason to "junk" 2.x as if it were a rusting car.  Languages
don't rust, at least not in that way.

Anyway, our approach is learning the nuances of 2.x after learning 3.x is
very doable, so we're not hurting their job-seeking prospects with the 3.x
focus.  Python 3 is just better in a lot of ways, so if we have to choose
(and we kind of do, being tiny) why not go with the best?

Kirby Urner
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