[Chicago] Report generators

JP Bader jp at zavteq.com
Thu Jan 9 17:00:27 CET 2014

Hey ChiPy'ers,

I'm doing research on report generators. In the past I've used Clarity and
Jasper, but don't know much about the available options as it's been about
6-7 years since I've had to use a generator (with templates) versus just
home-growing for clients. I've done BI work with Cognos and
BusinessObjects, but those are way beyond scope.

Are there some good suggestions people have used that are operable by
non-technical users who want to make their own templates? I know licenses
play a role as well, so commercial and OS versions are all appreciated as


JP Bader
Zavteq, Inc.
@lordB8r | jp at zavteq.com
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