[Chicago] Thank you for your warm reception of my talk!

Nick Bennett nick at goggl.es
Fri Jan 10 08:36:01 CET 2014

Before I pass out, I wanted to thank everyone who attended ChiPy tonight
for receiving my talk and for sharing some great ideas and insights into
the roadway fatality data. I was a bit surprised by how well you responded
to me talk, so I may have missed some feedback.

Here are some of the ideas I heard:

- Look at night versus day, correlating time of day with accidents
- Sleep is the leading cause of accidents. What mechanisms could be
used/required for keeping drivers awake, especially truck drivers?
- Comparing accidents occurring on major streets versus minor streets

If I have forgotten your suggestion, please reply and tell me.

If you'd like to try working with these scripts, if you're just starting
out with Python or still getting your sea legs, I made sure that the
repository is small enough that you can download it with a free
PythonAnywhere account. I could use your feedback on making my
PythonAnywhere instructions more helpful:

If you are interested in working on this data or other kinds of open-ish
data, I would highly recommend going to the Open Gov Hack Night held every
Tuesday at 6pm held at 1871 in the Merchandise Mart.

One thing I didn't mention in my presentation is that I suffer from major
depression. I think this goes vastly under-reported; there's a terrible
culture of silence surrounding this illness and I am determined to change
this in some small way by talking about my own experience. At the Aaron
Swartz Hackathon I talked a little bit about it and I was overwhelmed by
the positive feedback I received. I wrote a little bit about how I find
going to things like the Open Gov Hack Night (although ChiPy is also
included) really help me: http://goggl.es/opengov-is-my-antidepressant/

Last but not least, remember the people behind the numbers.

Loving ChiPy,
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