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> I think there is a question here about how much the potential mentors
> know about code review. I've always been enthusiastic about the

They pair industry programmers with scientific programmers. Also in
question would be how valuable the review would be if the reviewer is not
familiar with the project.

More details from the first study are here.


This experiment was a means to explore the following:
>    - What does code review from a software engineer outside of academia
>    look like? How do they approach the task?
>    - To what extent is domain knowledge needed to do a successful code
>    review? Is the code parseable by someone outside of that discipline?
>    - What lessons can be learned about code review, possibly to influence
>    and enhance traditional peer review?
>    - Does this process surface issues around best practice in writing
>    software and code? If so, what are those issues?
>    - Following the review, how useful are the comments to the author?
>    Does this feedback help them in their work? How can we change those norms?
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