[Chicago] Python traffic analysis idea

Adrian Buford technicallydebatable at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 01:58:49 CET 2014

Looking for assist on writing a Python based traffic analysis script(s). I
have the concept drawn but just started digging into coding. Any help is

Point A > captures bssid,  mac, said, signal strength of AP(x) and appends
time stamp to logA

Point B > does same and appends to logB

Information is compared between logs and average Point A to Point B time is
generated based on signal threshold. AP(x) being any device that can
broadcast such signal. Cellular, mobile hot spot, CTA train (yes they do).
Idea came from using WigleWiFi this weekend. Was thinking of logging via
ssh connection to home server. I'm sure accuracy can be improved via the
great minds here. This idea isn't limited to two points. More points will
yield better accuracy.

Enough ranting. Thank you. Any help is appreciated.
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