[Chicago] New Chicago Private-Equity Funded Startup (Startup Foundry) Looking For Awesome Engineers

Ross Kimbarovsky ross at crowdspring.com
Wed Nov 5 16:47:21 CET 2014

Some of you may remember when my company, crowdSPRING (one of the largest
Python-based sites online), hosted ChiPy a few years back at our space in
the West Loop. It was then, without doubt (by fiat and according to Brian
Ray), the best meeting ever.

My lead engineer at crowdSPRING (Adriano Marques) and I just launched a new
startup (the paint is literally still drying), Startup Foundry -
http://www.startupfoundry.com/ -  we have a pretty awesome and very unique
opportunity for you.

Startup Foundry is in the West Loop and is private-equity funded. We're
building a team of full-time engineers and entrepreneurs. Together, we will
build innovative and sustainable startups. It's a model unique to Chicago
but you've seen it successfully executed elsewhere (betaworks, scienceinc,

We're not an accelerator, incubator or VC. Every year, we will identify 3
to 5 scalable and profitable business models that originate within our own
team (after looking at hundreds of models). We'll research, develop and
test those models and will form teams to transform validated ideas into
great businesses. Everyone on the team receives options in any new company
we launch.

We're just getting started and at the moment, we're looking for two
front-end and one back-end engineer (we'll have more openings in early

This isn't your normal 9 to 5 job. We will mentor members of the team to
become the future CEOs and CTO's of the companies we build.

I won't kid you - we're looking for incredibly smart, extraordinarily
interesting people. When we're not working, we're doing century bike rides,
building balloons that travel to space, and experimenting with 3D printing.

Want to build something amazing with us?



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