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the meeting @ Loyola is still on for tonight right?



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> A couple really great talks up for the ChiPy meeting next week:
>    - *Hidden Markov Models to improve activity recognition in patients
>    with spinal cord injury*
>    (0:15:00 Minutes)
>    By: Asma Mehjabeen
>    Fitness tracking is great for calories and steps, but similar sensors
>    are capable of reporting much more about how we move throughout the day.
>    This is especially important in assessing the quality of movement for those
>    with limited mobility. Doctors often want to know more detail about patient
>    behavior after therapy to select and adjust the appropriate intervention.
>    Using machine learning on wearable accelerometer signals, we estimate the
>    activities patients with incomplete spinal cord injury are performing. By
>    combining windowed classifier estimates over time using a hidden markov
>    model, we show how error rates can be significantly decreased, which brings
>    more detailed assessments of patient activity closer to a clinical reality.
>    - *Innate learning: training the brain before the eyes open*
>    (0:15:00 Minutes)
>    By: Isaac Adorno
>    Amorphous, blob-like patterns of neural activity form and move over
>    the eye during visual development in animals. Why do such patterns exist?
>    We show that these patterns are this way to better prepare the visual
>    system for natural vision. Essentially, these are movies played in the eyes
>    to refine the visual system before the eyes even open. We use python to
>    model the developing visual system, produce an efficient code based on
>    those patterns, and show how that code matches what is seen biologically.
>    In this way, we show that during your early development you are learning
>    from innately generated patterns - a unique twist in the debates of nature
>    and nurture.
> RSVP here is open http://chipy.org
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