[Chicago] Best programming / dev book in 2015

Robare, Phillip (TEKSystems) proba at allstate.com
Tue Dec 8 13:42:01 EST 2015

Although it came out two and a half years ago I still find myself turning to the Python Cookbook - 3rd Edition by Dave Beazely and Brian Jones, especially when I am trying to push the envelope with my Python programming.

Many of its ‘recipes’ are pointers to corners of the standard library that you may not have come across (e.g. the split function in re as contrasted with the more familiar one in the built-in string).

What I find the book valuable for is the deep discussions (and examples) of advanced techniques like e.g. writing your own decorators, or overloading the __call__ method in a class to achieve multiple dispatch based on argument types.

Another book I have found helpful this year is “High Performance Python” by Micha Gorelick and Ian Ozsvald.  This starts out with examples of using the tools build into the standard distribution and them quickly moves to the pypi packages they have found best for measuring and improving performance.

Both of these are published by O'Reilly.

Phil Robare


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The year is coming to an end so it's time for reflections. 

What's the best programming / development book you read in 2015? *

* non-Python books are Ok too. 


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