[Chicago] Best programming / dev book in 2015

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Wed Dec 9 18:04:47 EST 2015

Jason Wirth writes:

> Hi,
> The year is coming to an end so it's time for reflections.
> What's the best programming / development book you read in 2015? *
> * non-Python books are Ok too.
> Jason

Getting involved in the scheme community over the last year has changed
me dramatically as a programmer, so the best book I read this year is
about as old as I am: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs:


Wonderfully, the whole book is available online and is CC BY-SA 4.0,
though a hand-held copy is worth the investment.

However I think SICP is a bit hard to get into initially, particularly
because thinking in both s-expressions and thinking recursively can be
very difficult (I was familiar with lispy s-expressions but not thinking
recusively...) a book that really opened my mind up to that was The
Little Schemer.

As such, I've been recently spending a lot of time in GNU Guile (some of
you saw me talk about Guix), which also recently got a nice website


Happy hacking :)
 - Chris

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