[Chicago] Brett Cannon Explanation of Python 3's Existence -- Stimulated from Q&A at PuPPy

Don Sheu dinaldo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 17:02:23 EST 2015

December's meeting really was PuPPy's best meeting ever. A big part of it
was Brian Ray making a visit.

Please ChiPy members, open door for any of you visiting.

Wanted to share this from Brett Cannon. It was a lot of fun watching Brett
Cannon and Larry Hastings do a back-and-forth during a Q&A.

Intro paragraph of Brett Cannon's blog post:

"This month I held a Q&A at PuPPy (the Puget Sound Python users group) that
eventually led to me explaining why Python 3 came into existence and the
whole string/bytes deal. I ended up receiving a compliment on the
explanation which somewhat surprised me since I naively assumed people knew
at this point why Python 3 was created.


Don Sheu
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