[Chicago] Just sharing with everyone in the group.

Lewit, Douglas d-lewit at neiu.edu
Sat Feb 28 00:57:48 CET 2015

Hey guys--and ladies too!  It's been a while since I shared any Python work
with this forum, so I figured hey, why not?

This is my first effort at implementing a *linked list* in Python.  Fun
stuff!  I'm taking a Java data structures course right now at
Northeastern.  Java is a nice language, and according to the online
statistics Java is the king of all programming languages, at least for
right now.  (The computer world is extremely fickle, so we really don't
know which programming language will be "the king" in 5 or 10 years.)

Anyhow, I purchased this book on Python data structures by Magnus Lie
Hetland.  Great book and so helpful!  It has even helped me better
understand the concepts in my Java course.  (The languages are
different--sure thing--but I think the core concepts are almost exactly the
same.)  The name of the book is PYTHON ALGORITHMS.  Magnus Lie Hetland is
the author.  It's really good.

So I'm attaching my code.  Please be kind in your criticisms!  I know it's
not the Mona Lisa of computer programming, but hey, if I'm lucky my mother
will tape a printed copy of the program to the refrigerator door and leave
it there with a gold star on it for the next few days!!!  ;-)   Is that
really asking for too much?!  LOL!!!


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