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Randy Baxley randy7771026 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 15:48:41 CET 2015

Thank you Tanya.  Your words are greatly appreciated.  When I was younger,
non-24 was not known much less treatable.  Because I am almost always at a
time in my "day" than others I have always seemed a little off.  Being up
36 hours before going to a 5am meeting or getting up in the middle of my
"night" to go to a night class.  Big Iron and 24 hour data centers were the
perfect place for me.  Companies loved me because I could stick to a
problem that required 48 hours of dilegence or I could turn around a run
that erred off at 3 am.  When taking a Coursera Course the content is often
left available until the course is offered again so I can sign up for it
then work through it though not having the assignments count.  Then I can
sign up for it again and turn the assignments in on time.  As I grew older
doing things outside of my what my body wants to do became impossible but
the treatments and meds in general now keep me close to a 24 hour schedule
about 75% of the time.

I too look forward to Wednesday and especially to seeing Valentina's

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 7:28 AM, Tanya Schlusser <tanya at tickel.net> wrote:

> Just wanted to pipe in 2cents:
> I too had weird issues with timing and the Mom occasionally making me
> quite late to meetings, but Valentina (mentee) was very accommodating.
> I had a great Mentor experience (and hope Valentina did too) and also
> think ChiPy is a super-welcoming place for people who have non standard
> lives: it's thanks to your encouragement, especially from other caregivers
> in the group, that I've felt able to attempt a freelancing career that
> works with this lifestyle.
> @Randy -- Agree! Programming in general, plus Open Source, and Coursera,
> (and Udacity <https://www.udacity.com/> which works better for my
> attention span)  make realistic careers possible for some people who really
> had no options before...you're an inspiration for others who've got issues
> so don't you stop!
> You may want to check out exercism.io -- open source, collective
> mentorship system that was started for Ruby but now does about a dozen
> languages including Python -- it seems awesome!
> @ T / Brian -- Maybe there can be a spot in the next Mentor questionnaire
> for people who  "have or can accommodate special needs"  so that people who
> think they can work things out might give it a shot.
> Best,
> Tanya
> PS -- can't wait for Wednesday!
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